Chapter webinar 2

Chapter Webinar 2

India Delhi Chapter presents its second educational webina presented by one of our own chapter member Ms. Sonia Dubey.

Date : 29th June 2017.

Duration : 1 Hour

Time : 11AM to 12 PM IST

Topic : “Handle Your Finance & Accounting Like A Pro As An Image Consultant”  

Summary Of the event:

Topic: Handle Finance and Accounts Like a Pro As An Image Consultant

Brief Points about the Webinar:

  1. Importance of being on top of managing your numbers as a business owner
  2. Learned basics of accounting like managing account receivables, expenses and track net income.
  3. Methods of creating systems via demonstration of templates to track finances
  4. Legal structures to set up a business, pros and cons of each structure
  5. Steps required from finance and legal stand point to set up a business
  6. 9 stages of business planning
  7. Financial budgeting in detail
  8. Microsoft Excel and other online software available to handle accounting and bookkeeping
  9. Other apps that makes overall business operations smoother
  10. Few handy tips from personal experience of the speaker

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